Engineering and design of interiors




The thorough development of the technical design-project is the real cornerstone of any functional, efficient, and convenient interior. It usually includes the following materials:


  • Overall floor plan of the space before reconstruction

  • Detailed basic floor and general arrangement drawings necessary for cash flow projections and budget estimates

  • Ergonomic furniture arrangement plans with all relevant sizes

  • Detailed floor plans including all measurements, finishing materials, and special traits such as podiums or in-floor heating systems

  • Detailed ceiling plans including all measurements, finishing materials, and special traits (e.g. ceilings can be multi-level)

  • Mechanical service plans (ventilation, air-conditioning)

  • Electrical services plans (lightning, switches, Wi-Fi, and GPON router arrangements)

  • Detailed room data sheets (RDS) including all the measurements, finishing materials, furniture arrangements

  • Architectural, technical, and engineering drawings for builders made in 2D and 3D


The development process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending on the size of the space and the complexity of the work desired. Our experts will visit the space and take all the necessary measurements. Keep in mind that we offer cooperation not only to our clients but also to designers and construction firms.


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